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Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am sure you for the serious or try in the online business definitely know and understand the PTR (paid to review) and PTC (paid to click). Both of us also know what the differences are and which more profitable. But for the newbie may not know that. Continue only until the light is now i am concentration to online business PTR. For PTC i am less so interested. This time i will share experiences and knowledge about online business PTR. And also provide differences and advantages of both the business.

PTC (paid to click)
Is a business that gives us earning (income), when we click on a particular web browser. In this business the more we click then the larger the income we. But here the maximal work is needed, because every click we only paid about $ 0.01 - $ 0.03. In this business we often need to increase online revenues. Not have any losses in this business. The only possible if the loss is forced to have loss of time. Because we are a lot of time eaten accidentally with us online.

PTR (paid to review)
Online business that is paid when we make a review website. the term we make a posting on the campaign website. In this business we often do not need online. Perhaps the only time that we can use for online. Payment bermacam2 this business depends on the PR (page rank) and the Alexa rank, but the job can own PR with a minimum of 1 to review get $ 5. However need carefully , because often when we run our business this is the same fling with google PR (page rank) is zero so we are not even increase your PR.

So please think before you and hopefully you get the best. Good luck and success together


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