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Saturday, June 13, 2009


a lot of online business in the internet, one of which is a review business. How is this business we make a review after we get the job. Many business review, but this time I will study how to review register reviewme. reviewme will pay us properly. Because reviewme already trusted eksistention.

Requirement if we want to join the business reviewme alexa rank is under 1 million and have minimal blog page rank 1. Once you are eligible please follow the steps below.

1. open web reviewme.com
2. select any posts to the right column blogger and click on "signup now"
3. fill the form according to the identity of all the
4. then click "create account"
5. open your email to activate your account
6. after the account is active, then you click "submit / manage my blog"
7. add a blog will Include you to become a publisher
8. wait for the blog and approve the job can start

If there is a lack of clear and we are please asked to sharing. Congratulations and best wishes to try together.


rayhan said...

saya masih ditolak tuh ma reviewme
kata nya kunjungannya masih kurang

Imoel said...

sob, aku gak paham English... hehehe
Ikutan juga tu bisnis Indonesia..hehehe
di sini ya : http://www.70persen.com/?id=Imoel

Anonymous said...


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