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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Internet has changed shopping habits of those who provide facilities as appropriate in terms of saving time and money. You do not need to travel from one shop to another, you can simply sit in the comfort of your home and explore the various web sites, comparison shopping and purchase goods online using your credit card. That said, there is a catch and online frauds. Today, making money online is very easy and there are many opportunities available on the internet. Online retailers need to provide security measures to build consumer confidence. If you have e-commerce business you must ensure that 100 percent safe and provide sensitive information that they really protected. Please note the following to prevent your E-commerce website against fraud so that you not misguided online shopping.

Fraud Detection Service

It's fraud detection service that may result from your activities to prevent fraud.
Fraud detection service that asks customers to verify your address and compare them with what he is one of the file with your credit card. It addresses match, customers are given permission to go with a purchase.

Credit Card Verification Code

Credit card verification code is the three important numbers that are found on the back of your credit card. As a consumer, you will be prompted to enter their number when you shop on the site. In order for someone to place a fraud site, they get the most credit card number and credit card as well. So if you have a verification system, you can significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

Site design

Design your website can also help to reduce online frauds. For this, your website must be designed with the latest version of scripting languages and programs to eliminate hackers and protect the integrity of your business. You may have to pay extra money to ensure that no fraud occurred, but also valuable in the long term. Site Safe will save money and protect your customers, which may be the most important aspect of online business.


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