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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We all make mistakes, this is a fact of life. It's no big deal at all for the scheme we learn from our mistakes and move forward.  The same goes with affiliate marketing since everyone will probably make a mistake at first, but as long as you improve, no nothing. However, some errors that are far more expensive than others and we are not talking only monetary cost. This is a mistake that we only found years down the road after we've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and more importantly, wasted valuable time doing something totally wrong way to do something. 

Recently, one of my any mistakes from affiliate marketing hit me front and center. Although I do a very comfortable living as a full-time affiliate marketer, this error has cost me significantly over the years. Perhaps a brief rundown of the many common mistakes affiliate marketers make akan prove useful. Any mistake from affiliate marketing  are: 

1. You forgot to list 

2. Failed to track your affiliate link / traffic 

3. You do not develop their own unique selling position 

4. You are connected directly to your affiliate link, not through an interior page keyworded 

5. You ignore Yahoo and MSN 

6. You forget to diversify your affiliate products / network 

In addition, one big mistake many beginning affiliate marketers make:

they try to sell products directly to potential customers.

This is not a way to continue on the Internet. You should try to solve the problem first and then sell later.

Most people using the web want to solve a problem, anything from how to lose 50 pounds for the students find the right laptop for children. They want to help solve the problem first and foremost. Your goal as an affiliate marketer that is effective to solve their problems for them ... sales should always come second or as a by-product is the whole interaction.

Help first - sell later. By providing advice and help you create your credibility and trust-with the potential feasibility prospects. It is a win-win situation, they get valuable information to help them solve your problem and ended with the sale or a friend. The whole idea of pre-sales method is very effective for affiliate marketing but is a common mistake many beginners make or otherwise failed to do. So if you start a new affiliate marketing make sure that not a mistake you make.  My Biggest Affiliate Mistake This is my biggest mistake: not going after the long-term residual income affiliate

Like most affiliate marketers, I concentrated on all marketing to get a one-time sale. I finally realized my mistake and approaching companies that are involved, some even give me time dealing with the "residual income" for the life of the client. Now, the company that you do, I will concentrate most of my marketing efforts in the future? But why stop there? I can leverage my affiliate income by offering a more "white label" or co-branded service through its own web site. This will greatly increase the portion of my sales and give long-term income. I believe, this is where a lot of affiliate marketers drop the ball, they did not fully explore "white label", "co-branded product," "the right of return", "back-end profits" and "residual income" when they know about affiliate marketing.

Now some of this debate in May more than "hands-on" setting and involve more work but the rewards will be well worth it, because instead of getting a one-time sale you can build long term residual income to future years. Similarly, you should try to "leverage your back" when selecting products or affiliate programs to promote, if possible, always looking for people with residual income. Do not make the mistake of not settling, always check the maximum you can get on the affiliate marketing. Investigate the special handling or private agreements with affiliates and partners bid for a larger share of the pie. Like me, you may be surprised at the happy results.


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