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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Use a business card or calling card when they are better known, there are many common today, even in this age of electronic communication. Instant communication technologies such as Bluetooth and infrared connectivity easier and a lot handier way to send and receive data and information, including those contained in the card.

But the people and especially small entrepreneurs are still carrying around piles of business cards, give them away at every chance they get and the little provocation. Do not ever tell an employer you will call and he will give his business card, faster than you can say "Jack Robinson", whoever he is, regardless of whether he has given you one before.

This only proves the card still plays an important role in business or even daily life, because even those who are not in the business, such as students, have their names called cards. Why? Several reasons have been advanced as a business card to function, and they ranged from as a source of personal pride for a business tool.

Function cards

As a tool for business advertising. A card usually contains the owner's name, form or a list of businesses or services provided, or contact phone number / s, and a kind of slogan or slogan for the business. In this way shareholders will soon see the card if the card owner is the right solution to the urgent needs. So the card actually act as a kind of 'sleep' or inactive for the owner of ads, accessible when needed.

As a social link. Many people accept other people's name cards and cards soon forget the good and the right person after that. Then remember when card holders need to contact the owner of socially card, so the card from the trash dredged from the 'where-did-me-where-it' question. Or, you may not care what the people selling, but he was so cool.

As a reference travel. If you know a friend who needed his boat engine serviced and you collide with someone who did it, you might want to ask for his card to pass to your friends, who may then pass it on to others with similar needs. Without the card, customers will not remember the boat engine service provider when service is required. With that, the owner of the card may capture the entire boating association.

As a personal affectation. That's just classy to give a business card, even if the owner does not have a business. This gives the owner a feeling because there is no more appropriate term-over others. It is also much easier to just hand the receptionist, for example, your business card rather than to explain who you are.


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huuhuh bahasa Indonesianya apa ya kak ?? huuhuh kalo kepanjangan gini Tia bingung juga terjemahinnya.. ini revew atau $$ xixixixi bagi2 dunk suhu :D

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sip sob

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