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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Business cards are pretty much important business. Although more and more transactions on-line, face to face meetings are still very common and swapping of cards going at any time. And introduce the real you and provide information about the company and so on, the card is a marketing tool. How do you use them to best effect?

1. What is the purpose of the "card swap"? May this seems strange, but consider WHY you give your card to someone. Presumably have some connection was made, but any action that they most want to take? This may include follow up with you, refer you to other people, you add to the mailing list, and so forth. You need to think about it because it will affect what you put on the card and type a message. This will also be encouraged to think outside of that list is your job title so will make you think for the card as a marketing tool

2. Content - some things are given. The name and contact information clearly. But what else you will be saved in the card? It's likely there are lots of space for messages. Perhaps this is the opportunity to repeat some of the content from the 30-second introduction, the tag line may be, may be a brief summary of the client to help solve your problem. Spacing is good from the point of view, but the presentation is so interesting messages that help them remember you.

3. Style - is in keeping with) how you want people to remember you and b) the overall style of the company. There is much scope in the design - to consider whether the form of a unique logo design and bold colors are important. Are you worried that your clients will be more card into their card? There is no right answer here. In general, err on the conservative card, so you may want to consider something a little extraordinary. Remember one point though - what your goals and how you want to look?

4. Two sides - the two cards and there is no reason not to use them. A blank side has a surplus (see point 5 below), but also waste space where you can add value. Thinking about how to use it.

5. Material card - the card is run through a cheap printer with perforated edges are clear and should be avoided. Paying for the thickest card that is capable of and avoid the cover up. The reason many people want to make a note on the card as a place for you to meet them, what has been agreed upon in a way to remember you. It is annoying if you can not write the information on the shiny surface and reduces the likelihood of you being remembered.


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