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Saturday, August 29, 2009


So, you already have a design ready to be sent to the business card printing services. You have a whirlwind session with your graphic artist, and your extra enthusiastic about how it will change. But Wait. Before spending all that money in printing of business cards, you should review every aspect of your business cards produced before 100 or 500 times. Any errors or design errors that are not caught early enough can damage your business card. So they look really convince you that you will get the best quality card you can earn. This is what distinguishes a great business card from another poor quality and cheap business cards.

To assist you in reviewing your business card design, you need a checklist. Below is a list of card quality standards of the most professional check through to review the business cards. Go through them one by one, and see if your business card and a choice of standard designs up to this time.

Paper Stock - First, and foremost is the stock card paper or card stock is more specific. Not all cards are printed on card stock type. There is a difference in the thickness, layers and textures for each type of business card stock. To ensure that you have the best quality card, the card aims to offer stock as a protective layer of UV and moisture resistant card stock. Some card stock may also have effects or glossy sheen that made him look better. You just ask for a business card printing service for your choice of paper or card stock cards.

Now, for the quality of your card stock, simply trying to bend a bit and see if the paper immediately following the fold or not. If the paper stock can be bent easily, then you have a lower quality paper stock and you may want to change it if you like. Also try to test whether a paper is easy to absorb water, and if sheens or not. Lack of moisture resistance and reflected light is also a sign that is not so perfect business card.

Quality Ink - Next, we have the quality of ink. Card printer ink quality can depend on the printer itself. There are several types of this. This can offset printing, digital inkjet or laser jet digital printing. Each has a different way of attaching the ink into the paper, and they also have different types of ink. To test the quality of ink, run down a few drops of water in front of your design. If the ink "walk" and is very easily soluble in water, you have a sign of poor quality ink, and printers. So check your sample when it comes to printing.

Design Composition - Next to the item on our list is the composition or design layout. This refers to the position of your design and content elements in your color card. Placement can be an image, the position of a particular text, their font style and of course the overall theme. Basically, you need to check whether all the design elements mesh together to form a coherent design. This design should match the image you want to project, and also must match the design standards in effect at the time. If you design looks outdated or broken, it may not be up to tobacco for the best business cards out there.

Content accuracy - Finally, make sure to have all the content you need printed on your business card. Item must be comprehensive because it can be. Be sure to have a name, title, company name, address, contact numbers, website information (if any), company logo, tag line and sample services / products included in the list of all your content information. Be inclusive as possible so that you can get all the information you want to give business cards in one shipment. If your card does not complete this item, you may find yourself wasting time lost physically write the information that can be difficult. So check the contents before going to print.

Which should be a wrap for the checklist on the business card. By going through the review process using this list, you should be able to print business cards with high quality, professional looking and very attractive for business contacts. You are not going to waste money in printing of business cards if you do it.


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