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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Reasons for shopping online increased, but in China has been growing up. which has TaoBao number of users and transaction volume of the most prominent, of course, combined with a lot of shopping sites small, is also a network of consumer groups. Of course, the reasons why the development of online shopping fast, but also from associations with reality than with the benefit of big talk about. Ease of shopping online in the following:

First, spending time as a result of shopping online without leaving home may be required to purchase the merchandise, so that it is to save time and expense of the trouble of suffering. Can use the work of clearance of goods some time to complete the purchase.

Second, the cost savings for the online store as a result of the ease by the manufacturer to retailer link between body stored sales required to pay the rent, the cost of labor, industrial and commercial utility, inventory costs incidental and other costs, so that the additional sales of merchandise to little or no cost, the price is usually lower than the market to different degrees, with the retail price. In particular, such as Web shopping site Taobao, which is now in a private Web site is free (Mall of the Great seller voluntarily choose to pay for the added value xxx), and eBay store to collect a certain fee, so that the network of the shops to buy goods in natural as opposed to the fact much cheaper.

Three drugs for the package fatigue shopping process, consumers can choose to shop online distribution of goods according to how to enjoy the door-to-door service. Can be said that the best option for the lazy.

4, a more intuitive than the goods to avoid the dispute saying "shop around, buy the best" in online shopping we can open several pages at the same time, browsing the numerous shops in the same category / commodity prices, features and distribution methods such as comparison Introduction . Not easily lead to both parties and not the dispute.

5, near the road gifts, payments to facilitate the adoption of e-commerce site provides one-stop directly to their hand, which is very convenient, payment, direct debit, save something.

6, the first time buy, a wider speed network services, for goods in the consignment of goods they are published, thousands of miles outside the open network, we can immediately see that the efficiency of fast, geographic gap between the less, you can be very long distance to purchase, regardless of where users can purchase goods from all over.

7, looking for more easily evident in the most shopping centers in various types of merchandise will be placed in the various sub-floor sales, if the larger shopping center, always a half-day cycles. Shop online and we can directly search for trade names, under the navigation bar can also be classified as buy merchandise, save search time.

8, the shopping environment is very "quiet" when listening to music humming Xiaoqu completely ignores the feelings of others, but does not disturb the other people, want to see how how to buy can be selected.


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